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Community Crunch 92!

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Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! The Community Crunch is where we share important things going on with ARK, as well as host contests and showcase creations made by the community! Let's get started with some news. Upcoming Volcano Changes (Xbox One/PS4)! This is a reminder for our console Survivors that in the next console update, the volcano will be receiving an active remodelling which will delete everything in the vicinity outlined in the screenshot above. You are highly recommended to move out of the area immediately if you have not already done so. Your ARK Story! We're looking to collect some player experiences with ARK and we're reaching out to all of you! We want to know: how do you play ARK? Do you think you have a unique experience with the game? Please check out the post below and share your experiences with us. Workshop Wednesday: Issue #2 A few days ago Cedric posted another blog-style article based on the ARK Workshop, featuring information about making maps! The article features a brief interview with Damien, Environment Director, Navin, a Senior Producer, and the map makers from the Sponsored Mod Program. Check it out! ARK: Evolution Event Weekend! Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It's already live now and will remain active until Monday the 15th at 12PM EST. All Official Servers will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 1.5x Harvesting Rate 1.5x Taming Rate 1.5x EXP Rate Reminder: this 1.5x bonus is on top of the 2x rates that are now standard on our official servers! Community Contests! Player Procedurally Generated Maps! The Procedurally Generated Map system allows players to make their own ARK maps by determining a myriad of landscape options from the heights of mountains, depths of valleys, and the number of lakes, rivers or oceans, to the kinds of each biome they want, and more! Let's check out the entries for this weeks contest! This week's contest winner is... Kovko! PGTerrainPropertiesString=MapSeed=705;LandscapeRadius=1.0;Water Frequency=4.770391;Mountains Frequency=14.015442;Mountains Slope=1.903598;MountainsHeight=1.090155;Turbulence Power=0.0125;Shore Slope=1.0;WaterLevel=-0.72;GrassDensity=1.0;JungleGrassDensity=0.02;ErosionSteps=4;TreesGroundSlopeAccuracy=0.5;DepositionStrength=0.5;ErosionStrength=0.75;OceanFloorLevel=-1.0;SnowBiomeSize=0.100809;RWBiomeSize=0.037082;MountainBiomeStart=-0.427505;MountainsTreeDensity=0.01;JungleBiomeStart=-0.579475;IslandBorderCurveExp=4.0;MaxSawnPointHeight=0.1;SnowGrassDensity=0.25;MountainGrassDensity=0.05;SnowMountainGrassDensity=0.15;UnderwaterObjectsDensity=2.0;SnowMountainsTreeDensity=0.01;TreeDensity=0.003;JungleTreeDensity=0.66;RedWoodTreeDensity=0.35;SnowTreeDensity=1.0;RedwoodGrassDensity=0.1;ShoreTreeDensity=0.05;SnowShoreTreeDensity=0.025;DeepWaterBiomesDepth=-0.24;InlandWaterObjectsDensity=0.5;ShorelineStartOffset=0.01;ShorelineThickness=0.0015;MountainGeneralTreesPercent=0.1;TerrainScaleMultiplier=(X=1.0f,Y=1.0f,Z=1.0f);SnowBiomeLocation=(X=0.2f,Y=0.2f);RWForestBiomeLocation=(X=0.5f,Y=0.5f);NorthRegion1Start=(X=0.25f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion1End=(X=0.416f,Y=0.5f);NorthRegion2Start=(X=0.416f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion2End=(X=0.582f,Y=0.5f);NorthRegion3Start=(X=0.582f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion3End=(X=0.75f,Y=0.0f);SouthRegion1Start=(X=0.25f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion1End=(X=0.416f,Y=1.0f);SouthRegion2Start=(X=0.416f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion2End=(X=0.582f,Y=1.0f);SouthRegion3Start=(X=0.582f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion3End=(X=0.75f,Y=1.0f);EastRegion1Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.0f);EastRegion1End=(X=1.0f,Y=0.333f);EastRegion2Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.333f);EastRegion2End=(X=1.0f,Y=0.666f);EastRegion3Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.666f);EastRegion3End=(X=1.0f,Y=1.0f);WestRegion1Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.0f);WestRegion1End=(X=0.25f,Y=0.333f);WestRegion2Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.333f);WestRegion2End=(X=0.25f,Y=0.666f);WestRegion3Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.666f);WestRegion3End=(X=0.25f,Y=1.0f) PGLastPreset=0 If you'd like to learn more about PGMs, please check out our quick start guide: NVidia Ansel Photography Contest Super Resolution Version: ARK: Survival Evolved and the Scorched Earth Expansion Pack now include support for NVIDIA Ansel -- a revolutionary new way to capture in-game shots. Compose shots from any position, adjust with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share the screenshots in 360 via a smartphone, PC or VR headset. Learn more about these features from the NVIDIA blog. Now let’s get to the contest! There were 3 potential categories for survivors to enter their shots into and they were the following: Three Categories Super Resolution: These should be taken at 8x Super Resolution. Players can optionally use Depth of Field effects accessible in Spectator mode by pressing the [Delete] key. Panoramic 360 Stereoscopic 3D: These should be taken at 4x Super Resolution, in 360 Stereoscopic 3D mode. We will crop them to 2D for web display, while also providing the 3D version for viewing within VR display. Freeform: Any settings, whacky and creative use of Ansel filters are encouraged. Adding humorous titles/captions in Photoshop is also acceptable for this category! And now without further ado, here are your entries! You’ll want to click on the image title to be able to download the maximum size image, we’ve resized them for display purposes Super Resolution! Winner! Pollti - Theiving bears caught by bees Runners Up! BlueDragon - Impaled Wolf Angelus - Monsoon Season F1r3fly - Raíña Queen of the Grove BlueDragon - Teleport FataL1ty - Strange Land Honourable Mentions! Mr Thunder - Rushing into the brave knight TiMoAgE - TMC-Class ARK Destroyer Outside FataL1ty - Ruby Forest BlueDragon - TEK Sphere Kovko - Pillars BlueDragon - Another World Roguewolf91 - Rise above Wolf Angelus - Plantation Shoreline TiMoAgE - TMC-Class ARK Control Terminal BlueDragon - A new home FataL1ty - I believe I can fly! Kovko - Connected FataL1ty - Imminent Cleansing Kovko - Utopia BlueDragon - The Gate FataL1ty - Pahoehoe Island AsH - Ascension Mystery Mr Thunder - Bad Blood Roguewolf91 - Late Night Snack Mantikoa - Sunlight Views Wolf Angelus - Plantation House F1r3fly - All Hail Queen Raíña GG Fizz - A Bugs Life BlueDragon - Entrance Mantikoa - Sunlight Views Mr Thunder - Best Buddies Norlinri - Ruins GG Fizz - The Megatherium Attack Kovko - Broken Bridge Wolf Angelus - Plantation AsH - Road to Ascension StateofMynd42 - Impending Doom Kovko - Two Worlds Panoramic 360 Stereoscopic 3D! Winner! Wolf Angelus - Plantation Center Runners Up! Kovko - Stream BlueDragon - Top of the world Honourable Mentions! EXFIB0 - TEK Cave! FataL1ty - Bone Hungry Wolf Angelus - Plantation Day View Roguewolf91 - Gone Spelunking BlueDragon - Crystal Ice Cave Wolf Angelus - Farm Day FataL1ty - Don't Look Back Wolf Angelus - Farm Night EXFIB0 - Bubbles Wolf Angelus - Plantation Night Kovko - Vacation FataL1ty - Endor EXFIB0 - Lavafall BlueDragon - Terminal EXFIB0 - Volcano FataL1ty - Subtle Greens! BlueDragon - Into the depths Freeform! Winners! F1r3fly - Troo Colours Cheb - Out from the depths Runner Ups! Valoule - Mario kARK Kana - Charlie the Unicorn Starwolf23 - Magical Liopleurodon! Honourable Mentions! Wolf Angelus - ARK Rangers - Dino Thunder Mantikoa - Acceptable EXFIB0 - Neon ARKVideo! This contest is open to all types of video be they funny, epic, scenic, stories, whatever inspires you. Just a general reminder that they should remain safe for work, think of the children! And without further ado, the ARKVideo for Community Crunch 92 is... Ark Survival Evolved Cartoon - Tek Tier by Green Man Cartoons! We would also like to announce a runner up this week... HAPPY CAMPERS! - ARK Cinematic Skits by Lame Wolf Productions! ARKitect! This is an award given to Survivors to celebrate the amazing structures you build. These bases are judged based upon a number of different factors such as their creativity, uniqueness, how fun of a base it is, the difficulty of building it, the functionality it provides and much more! The ARKitects for Community Crunch 92 are… Mario KARK (Delfino square) by Valoule! ... and Spongebob 3D Sculpture & Base by Wolf Angelus! We would also like to announce two runners up this week as well! ARK PYRAMID BUILD! EGYPTIAN THEMED TOWN! by TagBackTV! ...and Empire State Building by Kogadins! If you'd like to check out the submissions from the rest of the entrants, you can do so here: Fan Feature! WOODEN HANGING BRIDGE MOD - ARK: Survival Evolved by VIRTUAL REALMS Hope Ark Evolved Map - The Journey Part 1 by vwcamper ARK How to Build a Gazebo :: Building Guide :: Gazebo Building on ARK Survival Evolved by SWChris Ark Dragonsreach! (Skyrim)- Ark Building Montage Monday EP 7 by RYANT1UM Ground Zero [IronMine Ragnarok] [1] by MonkeyMan EQUUS RACE TRACK BUILD🐴 | ARK Survival Evolved [S3 EP29] by The AxeMan NEW SORNA REX, GIANT VIPER KILLS TITANO WITH POISON & DINO HAIR ( Gameplay ) by Anthomnia Polynesian Fishing Hut Ark Tutorial :: Building Guide :: House on Pillars by SWChris Serious Farming [Madagascar Evolved Survival Plus] [17] by MonkeyMan ARK: Vanilla KILLING THE HARD BROODMOTHER, UNLOCKING TEK ENGRAMS, AND SLAYING THE CHITEN CAVE by Myndmelt ARK DON’T BRING A QUETZAL WHEN TAMING GIANT BEES! w/THE AXEMAN! HOW TO TAME GIANT BEES AND GET HONEY by Myndmelt Ark Survival Evolved - The bribe (PART 56) by GeeKy gAMer no.1 Ark Survival Evolved - Big fish ( PART 57) by GeeKy gAMer no.1 Ark Survival Evolved Equus Taming Xbox One + PS4 by SteadyTeddy Ark Leedsichthys Raft Defence??? by SteadyTeddy Ark How To Solo Tame Quetzal Xbox One + PS4 After Flyer Nerf by SteadyTeddy ARK:Survival Evolved Building w/ Fizz :: Swamp Base Build (No Mods) by GG Fizz COLONIAL STYLE HOUSING!!- Ark Building Montage Monday EP 29 by RYANT1UM Ark Survival Evolved Top 5 Quetzal Replacements (Flyer Nerf) by Jade Plays Games HOW TO BUILD A TEK TIER UNDERWATER BASE - FIRST LOOK by Jade Plays Games TOP 5 BEGINNER TAMES | ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED by The AxeMan Ark Power Leveling 1 - 70 in 15 Minuets Xbox One + PS4 by SteadyTeddy Ark: How To Rek The Alpha Tribe 😂 😜 by C8sun ARK Quetz Docking Platform and Air Base! :: ARK Building Evolved :: ARK Creative Building by SWChris ARK Dev Kit Sneak Peek | First look at Megatherium (Giant Sloth) by GG Fizz ARK How To Use And Spawn TEK TIER TELEPORTER by Jade Plays Games Unicorn of Scotland by ℓα∂уVoltz† [мвм] Liquid Freeze by ℓα∂уVoltz† [мвм] Kaprosuchus vs compy by Akhoris I find a egg! A big egg! by Akhoris Yutyrannus Knight! by FollyVentures Valkyrie by Violet swamp creature (3) by iguana12345678 terror bird by iguana12345678 Grey Bird by Chilly Wolf (Varn) Desert Camo Moschops by Sharkcat Snow Camo Moschops by Sharkcat Forest Camo Moschops by Sharkcat Sap Moschops by Sharkcat Rare Mushroom Moschops by Sharkcat Rare Flower Moschops by Sharkcat Prime Meat Moschops by Sharkcat Tapejara Warpaint by Dejvik Sarco got a new painjob too by Dejvik T-Rexes Warpaint by Dejvik Scorched Earth - New Update! custom ressource map by Exhumed Mama Naco's floating home Glow-Worm Dossier! by Scarecrow Cricetinae Dossier (FAN-MADE) by Marc Munyeesa Indominus Rex Dossier (My Version) by KeyKey Elasmosaurus Dossier by KeyKey Titan Cockroach Dossier by Mega Utyrannus Dossier (Fantasy Dino) by KeyKey Eotriceratops Dossier by Mega Ouranosaurus Dossier by Mega That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share please get in touch and be sure to follow us on: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Instagram: Much love, Wildcard Jen & the ARK: Survival Evolved Team

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